Organizational Structure



Organizational Structure



Jamal Alnouri
Hosnia Hashim
Vice Chair-man
Talal Alsabah
Board Member
Ismail Abdulla
Board Member
Naser Alsaleh
Board Member
Khaled AlMushileh
Board Member

 Higher Management


Mr. Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abdulla Fahhad Al-Ajmi
Deputy C.E.O. For Projects
Mr. Basem Issa Al-Issa
Deputy C.E.O. For Admin & Commercial
Mr. Nasser Majed AlShama'a
Deputy C.E.O. For Support Services
Mr. Jamal Issa Al-Loughani
Deputy C.E.O. For Fuel Supply Operations
Mr. Fahad Al-Humaidy Al-Daihany
Deputy C.E.O. For Mina Ahmadi
Mr. Shukri Abdul Aziz Al-Mahrous
Deputy C.E.O. For Planning & Finance
Mr. Mutlaq Rashed Nasser Al-Azmi
Deputy C.E.O. For Mina Abdulla and Shuaiba Refinery Departments


Manager NameDesignation
Tareq Yousef Ibrahim Al-HoutiManager, Corporate Legal
Ahmed Alsayed Al-TabtabaiManager, Commercial
Muntuser Sulaiman EshaqManager, Finance
Ahed Abdulla S. Al-KhurayifManager, Human Resources
Abdullah Mohammad Awwad Al-Ajmi Manager, Risk Management
Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al-OlayanManager, Training & Career Development
Khaled Ali Essa Al-Khayyat Manager, Corporate Planning
Adnan Majed Jassem BoureslyManager, Local Marketing
Ousama Habib Y ShammasManager, Management Support
Walid Adeeb Jameel Al GhawasManager, Manufacturing Optimization Group
Hashim Ez Al-Deen Al-RefaieManager, Clean Fuels Project
Faleh Hasan A Al-HarbiManager, Projects I
Khalil Esmaeil M. H. Esmaeil Manager, Projects II
Shujaa Salem Al-AjmiManager, Operation - Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Tareq Yousef Ibrahem Al-Saifan Manager, Maintenance - Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Mohammad Naser Al AjmiManager, Gas Operations - Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Sulaiman Sultan MohammadManager, Quality Assurance - Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Wadha Ahmad Mohd AlkhateebManager, Technical Services - Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Mohammad Mansoor Hamad Al-AjmiManager, Maintenance - Mina Abdullah Refinery
Salah Al-KhayyatManager, Operations - Mina Abdullah Refinery
Samir Kazem S. Al-Ali Manager, Quality Assurance - Mina Abdullah Refinery
Suad A/Wahed A/R Al-RadwanManager, Research and Technology
Nadia Bader Hajji YousefManager, Technical Services - Mina Abdullah Refinery
Mohd Saud A. Al-Shammari Manager, Engineering and Maintenance - Shuaiba Refinery
Waleed Yagoub A. Al-BeaijanManager, Operation - Shuaiba Refinery
Farhan Sari A. H. Al-Enezi Manager, Technical Services - Shuaiba Refinery
Kholoud Saad Al-MutaairiManager, Corporate Communication
Saleh Saad S Z Alrakhayes Manager, General Services
Ali Ahmed KshaweManager, Health Safety & Environment
Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-DuaijManager, Information Technology
Fayez Bander Al-MutairiManager, Security and Fire
Ali M. Al-AjmiManager, Commisioning Coordination CFP