Kuwait National Petroleum Company KNPC was established in October 1960 as s joint venture between the government and the private sector.




The manpower total number in the company showed, by end of the fiscal year 2012/2013, a drop by 75 employees, going down from 5880 employees in the previous fiscal year to 5805 employees in the current year.

However, the company continued its endeavors to attract new Kuwaiti graduates especially from the engineering and technical faculties.180 new employees were recruited this year 173 of them are Kuwaitis. The number of Kuwaiti labor force in the company reached by end of the financial year 4856 employees at the rate of 83.6% compared to 82.7% in the previous fiscal year.  

The following tables provide a breakdown of the company employees by nationality as well their distribution in the company various work sites:





Training and Career Development
The Company reinstated the Career Development department in a move that reflected the importance it attaches to training and upgrading the employee’s skills in various business domains. The company also asked the new department to make sure that every employee is guaranteed the opportunity to join internal and external courses and programs in which he/she fulfills a minimum of training hours. Experienced and renowned international firms both at the internal or external scenes usually conduct those courses. Some programs were designed for the upgrading of leadership skills.


The company organized or joined during this year 1032 courses 66 of which were conducted locally and joined by 452 employees while the external courses and programs totaled 966 courses joined by 1994 employees. In the meantime, KNPC employees attended a large number of training activities at the Petroleum Training Centre (PTC) of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The number of KNPC employees who were recruited in those courses reached this year 3681 employees. PTC usually uses the services of international experts in its training programs.


 As regarding  Scholarships and study leaves, 2 employees  are currently on  scholarships   for bachelor degrees in engineering  increasing the total number of  the company  employees who benefitted from the unified  scholars hips scheme  to study for university degree in  engineering to 25.