Local Marketing & Gas Stations

 ​In June 1961 petroleum products distribution outlets in the local market were passed to KNPC, from Kuwait Oil Company Ltd.


Local Marketing & Gas Stations


Filling Stations:


- The number of functioning filling petrol stations still owned and operated by KNPC is 37 stations as two of the company facilities are currently under renovation.
- The Majority of the stations previously owned by the company were turned down to the private sector in the course of a privatization process.
- This trend was stopped by KPC pending the activation of the Privatization Council and the issuance of its new regulations.
- However the Local Marketing Department still exercises supervision and audit on the private sector owned facilities to ensure quality control and compliance with the Health, Safety and Environment rules. KNPC is still running one carwash station.


- Sales to the local market showed 3.4 % increase over their level in the previous year, which is generally the same annual increase of local fuel consumption. However, Gasoline sales were a little higher than this percentage and reached 4.8%. Sales of the four types of gasoline; super premium, premium, ultra super gasoline and Euro 4 in the local markets totaled 3748 million liters. The only brand, which recorded a significant decrease, was premium gasoline, which was less by 32 million liters.
- Kerosene sales reached 76 million liters growing by 19.2% from last year in which they amounted to 64 million liters.
- Gasoil sales amounted to 1592 million liters compared to 1595 million liters in the previous year with a slight drop.
- Gas oil Euro 4 amounted to 0.01 million liters against 0.017 million liters in the previous year.
- Total fuel sales to the local market reached 5416 million liters compared to 5236 million liters in the previous fiscal year with a 3.4% increase.
- Sales to the Ministry of Electricity &water MEW increased this year by7.9percentage and amounted to 8094 million liters against 7498 million liters in the financial year 2011/2012.
- Gasoil sales to MEW reached 1765 million liters against 1689 million liters in the previous year. While heavy fuel oil sales to the ministry amounted to 6329 million liters compared to 5809 million liters in the previous financial year.
- Bitumen sales showed a significant drop this year and went down from 181 thousand metric tons in the previous year to 167 thousand metric tons in the current financial year.
- Total sales to the local market as well as to MEW reached 13510 million liters compared to 12773 million liters in the previous fiscal year reflecting a 5.8 % increase
The following two tables compare products sales in the local market in the past two years as well as their growth percentage beside an overview of supplies to the local market in the past seven years