Oil Refining and Gas Liquefaction: KNPC Core Business



The company three refineries maintained in the fiscal year 2012/2013 their high performance, which was the dominant feature of their productivity in the past three years besides operating as an integrated optimized refining complex. Their integration is better represented in the ongoing inter refinery transfer of products which increases the plants versatility and responsiveness to the international market demand.
The company, in fact, hit a record this year in crude oil manufacturing as the total crude oil feed to the three refineries reached 917.7 thousand barrels a day. This increase especially in Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery’s daily throughput is attributed to efficient maintenance as well as to the strict adherence to safety standards. Both factors resulted in a minimum of unit’s unscheduled shutdowns and a record low emergency occurrence cases.
KNPS also celebrated this year its high rating by international insurance companies in risk management. KNPC refineries came on top of all oil sector assets. Performance of the three refineries is detailed in the following pages:
Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery:
MAA performance in the fiscal year 2012/2013 was remarkably high as its daily throughput reached 164.9 million barrels or a daily average rate of 451.7 thousand Bp/d against daily average rate of 416.9 thousand Bp/d in the fiscal year 2011/2012 with 8.3% increase. Total exports of petroleum products from MAA reached during this year around 14.2 million metric tons including 844.3 thousand tons of sulfur, against 12.1 million metric tons in the previous fiscal year.

Mina Abdulla Refinery
Crude oil throughput average rate to Mina Abdulla Refinery was very close to its highest capacity as it reached 99.3 million barrels or a daily average rate of 272 thousand Bop/d against 90.4 million barrels or 247 thousand barrels a day in the previous fiscal year showing a 10% increase. This increase in the refinery throughput is actually attributed to high reliability and adherence to safety measures.
Total exports from MAB Refinery amounted to 9.05 million metric tons  exported at the refinery sea island and 574.7 thousand metric tons of coke supplied to local companies and 2778 thousand metric tons of Naphtha provided to another Kuwaiti company and 125.7 thousand metric tons of ATK. Those products supplied by MAB to the Local and international market totaled in this financial year 13.06 million metric tons.
Shuaiba Refinery
Shuaiba Refinery continued its operations in an efficient and professional manner as a part of the integrated and optimized refining complex within KPC/KNPC framework. Total throughput to the refinery reached 70.8 million barrels at the average rate of 193.9 thousand barrels per day. Compared to 177.7 thousand barrels per day in the previous year the amount of crude oil processed at Shuaiba Refinery shows a 9% increase.
Exports from the refinery totaled around 6.22 million metric tons exported at Shuaiba oil pier and MAA oil pier beside 2.4 million tons of fuel oil supplied to the local market.
The following tables monitor growth of crude oil throughput at the three refineries in the past 5 years
The following table shows annual production and products parentage at the three refineries


Feedstock to the LPG plant at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery during this fiscal year reached 1468.3 million cubic feet per day compared to 1385.4 million cubic feet in the fiscal year 2011/2012 showing a 7.3% increase
The quantity supplied to the LPG plant represented what was available from upstream field and the company refineries.
The following table provides a breakdown of the LPG plant products and their percentage in the past two fiscal years 2011/2012 –2012/2013

Propane exports from the LPG plant totaled 2484.4 thousand metric tons and of Butane 1962.6 metric tons with a total exported products of 4447 thousand metric tons increasing by 5.3% over  the total amount of exports last year which amounted to 4224.2 thousand  metric tons