Clean Fuels Project CFP



 Clean Fuels Project CFP

On 13 April 2014, KNPC embarked on a great step through inking the contracts of Clean Fuels Project CFP. It also marked the third leading stage following establishment in the sixties and the huge modernization stage in the eighties of the last century. The third stage is as important as the first two and it places Kuwait amongst the top countries in terms of downstream industry. 

The project aims at developing and expanding Mina Al-Ahmad Refinery MAA to refine 346,000 bpd, and Mina Abdullah Refinery MAB to refine 454,000 bpd. As a result, the refining capacity of the two refineries will be 800,000 bpd. The project also contributes in linking the two refineries with each other in order to be an integrated refining complex which is flexible enough to help the company meet the variables at international and local markets. It will also develop the performance of the two refineries, enhance safety & operational reliability and optimum use of energy as well.

The Project Also Aims at:

   - Achieving added value through converting low-value (high Sulphur) fuel oil to higher-value products (low Sulphur) in order to achieve highest return on investment.

      - The Optimal use of the facilities of Al-Shuaiba refinery after its closure such as tanks and export facilities. 

      - Increase the reliability of refinery equipment. 

-   Provide employment opportunities for national manpower. 

-   Boost and encourage local economic development. 

CFP Packages 

As the project is too big and in order to avoid overlap at contractors' works the project is divided into 3 packages:

- MAA Package: contract values is KD 1,362 million led by JGC, GS E&C and SK E&C. 

- MAB Package (1): contract value is KD 1,071 million led by Petrofac in cooperation with Samsung Engineering and CB&I. 

- MAB Package (2): contract value is KD 962 million led by Fluor in cooperation with Daewoo and Hyundai. 

     The Korean Company Daelim executes the contract of Catalyst Cracking Unit in MAA. Preliminary works of the project site awarded to Samsung and Siemens carries out electricity works, too. 

  • CFP Economic Feasibility CFP Economic Feasibility

    Project Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is expected to be 11.5% which is considered high return for a project with such volume

  • Environmental Significance Environmental Significance

    KNPC embarked on comprehensive developmental phase along with CFP through producing environmentally friendly oil products

  • CFP Equipment CFP Equipment

    CFP Equipment , New Refining Units , Refining Units to be Revamped, Refining Units to be Retired

  • Key Specifications of Products Project Implementation Key Specifications of Products Project Implementation

    Naphtha, free Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Gas Oil

  • CFP Works VolumeCFP Works Volume

    Project aims at upgrading and improving specifications of oil products as well as empowering oil sector to penetrate international markets and raise competitive capability