Project Challenges



 Project Challenges

The projects faces various challenges such as: 

    - Accelerating the process of procurement and supplying of long-term manufacturing equipment. Constant follow up with the relevant contractor is underway.

    - Ensuring timely provision of cooling water by Public Authority for Industry (KIPA) along with the commissioning of new facilities. KNPC is coordinating with KIPA to overcome all obstacles. 

     -Coordination with other under-construction projects at MAA besides the linking the project’s facilities with the existing ones. An intensive coordination is underway with the other relevant departments to achieve all these works without affecting production.

     - Managing the huge number of workers required for the project and maintaining safety measures to ensure safety of all workers. 


We have absolutely no accidents since the kick-off of project. the contractor completely fulfills all KNPC occupational safety measures before initiating any activity at the project site. Project team and occupational safety employees routinely monitor the execution process to make sure that safety and security measures are daily implemented. 

Oil Price Drop Influence over the project:

The fifth gas train is one of KPC’s 2020-strategy projects and the required budget has already been allocated; therefore, the oil price drop has no influence over the project. KNPC scope of work also includes creating additional value to the Kuwaiti associated gas through turning it into high quality derivatives to be sold at a higher price.