Fifth Gas Train Project



 Fifth Gas Train Project

Fifth Gas Train project is the third largest project of the company after ZOR and CFP. The project includes building new units at MAA for producing rich gas in order to meet local demand for methane for power stations needs as well as propane & butane for household uses. It also aims to meet the international demands in line with KPC plans for developing gas exploration and processing the expected increase of gas production.  

Fifth Gas Train Project Impotance:

Fifth Gas Train is a strategic Project that targets raising the production capacity of gas and its derivatives at MAA Gas Plant, considering that the other old three trains have been in use for a long time. The new units at MAA will produce  805 million cubic feet of gas per day beside 106,000 bpd of condensates.

Value of Project : 

The project budget is around KD 355 million. Till now, KD 62 million were spent on the project. The expected revenues according to the feasibility study is about 12% for 20 years.

The expected revenues of the Project to Kuwait :

The expected revenues according to the feasibility study is about 12% for 20 years.

Commissioning the Project and Starting actual Production:

The project is expected to be commissioned in 2019 and then the real production will start after completion of tests.


  • Project Challenges Project Challenges

    The projects faces various challenges

  • Project UnitsProject Units

    The project includes three main integrated packages, namely processing units, facilities and compressors

  • Project PlanProject Plan

    The three main phases – EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

  • Project Work ForceProject Work Force

    The current number of workers is approx. 350, but is expected to reach 4500 at the project peak time