Project Work Force



 Project Work Force

Work Force:

The current number of workers is approx. 350, but is expected to reach 4500 at the project peak time. The project team coordinates directly with the contractor to carry out these works. 

Private Sector Contribution:

The contract stipulates assigning at least 20% of the contract total value to the Kuwaiti private sector. Kuwaiti companies will carry out all civil works inside the site under the supervision of project main contractor. Some equipment will be purchased from Kuwaiti manufacturers. This condition is closely observed. 

Training Plans:

KNPC attaches great importance to training and qualifying employees, especially new Kuwaiti graduates. Therefore, the contract includes a particular item for training Kuwaiti engineers via a six-month training program. The first three months training will take place at the Main Contractor Headquarter in Spain during the engineering phase; whereas, the second part will take place at worksite during construction. Until now, 20 Kuwaiti engineers of different disciplines are now in Spain. The program completion will be synchronized with the start of piping and installation of equipment of the project. Operation and maintenance engineers and technicians will be trained later on.