Project Units



 Project Units

New Units:

The project includes three main integrated packages, namely processing units, facilities and compressors to produce gas derivatives, such as (ethane, propane, butane and gasoline).  

Gas Production:

Production process goes through transforming the natural gas into ethane, propane, butane and gasoline. Nitrogen and steam will also be self-produced without relying on other resources. 

Demand for Derivative:

     - Methane: Will be used as fuel gas for power stations in ZOR & Doha.

     - Ethane:   Used by Equate as feedstock for petrochemicals production.

     - Propane and Butane: Used for home cooking and export to global market.

     - Gasoline: Used in car gasoline. 

Feeding Fifth and Fourth Gas Trains:

Kuwait current and future gas production will meet the need of the fourth & fifth gas trains in addition to the other three gas trains. 

Feeding the Project with Natural Gas:

KOC fields will feed the project with natural gas according to KPC plan for raising gas production.